Maple Candy that Isn’t Hard to Make

Pure maple syrup gets most of the maple sugar glory, but there are many who also look forward to an annual maple candy treat, be it a single piece or an entire gift box. Prized for its crumbly-meets-creamy texture and deep maple flavor, maple candy is made when the sap is heated beyond the syrup stage to the crystalline stage, where it’s then whipped and poured into decorative molds to harden. Here are a [...]

Food and Fun for the Big Game

Are you ready for The Big Game?! Maybe your team is playing this year, maybe you love football, or hey, maybe you’re just in it for the halftime show and snacks. Here are 4 tips for throwing a SUPER Big football party. Tips for Winning Your Football Game Party Set the Stage Flipping on your television may get the game going. However, it also requires some finessing. A great quality picture to watch the [...]

4 Alternatives to Oatmeal That Will Leave You Satisfied

As temperatures drop, the desire for a hot breakfast to entice you out of bed in the morning tends to rise. And while oatmeal is cool and all, it's not exactly the most exciting thing on the menu; and some days, you need healthy breakfast ideas to put a little more pep in your pot to get things going. 4 Alternatives to Oatmeal That Will Leave You Satisfied If you have a sensitivity to [...]

7 New Year’s Resolutions that Are Easy to Keep

The New Year is here, and that means a whole list of new resolutions. You probably woke up on January 1st, motivated and eager to achieve a set of goals for the new year. But, you work towards these goals for a few weeks or so just to let them fizzle out come February. The short life cycle of New Year's resolutions is pretty common — according to one statistic, 80% of people give [...]

6 Healthy Hot Drinks Using Maple Syrup

Are you looking for a healthier morning drink option or to mix it up a bit from your regular coffee or tea? Well, if you are trying to have a healthier year, then you might want to try out some of these options. If you are someone that likes to hit your local coffee shop each morning, then you might be surprised how many empty calories you are adding to your day. Or even [...]

5 Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is a time for family, not for toiling in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean your first meal of the day can't be holiday-worthy. Everyone might wake up thinking about presents on Christmas morning, but a delicious breakfast or brunch should be on the menu, too. Make something easy that everyone will love for the holidays, so you can move on to the gifts. 5 Delicious Christmas Morning Recipes Start the holiday [...]

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