Summertime Smoothie Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to break out your favorite smoothie recipes. There is nothing better than a cold and refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day. And smoothie recipes are a great chance to replace sugar or sweeteners with pure maple syrup. Swapping out sugar for pure maple syrup is super simple and can help make your smoothies even healthier! When it comes to making a smoothie, don’t overthink it. The best ones [...]

Perfect Summer Picnic Treats

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and that gingham blanket that’s been sitting in the back of the closet all winter is ready to make its much-anticipated return. That means it’s time for a picnic! A picnic can be as simple or sophisticated as any other meal. Before you plan the menu and make your lists, think about who's coming, and what vibe you're going for. No matter what kind of picnic you're [...]

Sweet Spirits for Father’s Day

Have you ever dreamed of a cool, sweet indulgence on a hot summer afternoon? Perhaps something to wet your whistle or to top a scoop of your favorite ice cream? Our new Sweet Treat Flight is more than just maple syrup! Sweet Decadence in the Morning, Noon, or Night The Sugarman of Vermont is happy to sweeten your day in a variety of ways. Pure maple syrup for your pancakes, a honey-glazed ham sandwich [...]

Biohacking Your Sugar Why Maple Syrup is Key

Maple sugar is not your average sweetener. While it's often lumped in with sweeteners like sugar and honey, and it's true that they provide similar calories and carbohydrates per serving, pure maple syrup delivers a slew of healthy nutrients, in addition to natural sugars. Pure maple syrup is a natural sweetener harvested directly from maple trees. The tree is tapped, and sap is collected, then boiled down to get that golden delicious sticky goodness. [...]

Grilling with Glazes: 5 Grilling Recipes for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to clean off the grill and start enjoying meals outdoors. Cooking on the grill doesn’t mean that you are limited to hamburgers and hotdogs. Chicken, fish, and vegetables are all great options for the grill and are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Here are a few recipes using our Maples Glazes that would be perfect for spring and summer grilling. Springtime Grilling Recipes When selecting foods [...]

Make Mom’s Day with Breakfast in Bed

Mom spends the whole year taking care of her family, so why not treat her to a fabulous treat for Mother’s Day? Kick-off her favorite day with an epic breakfast in bed, and she’ll be beaming with joy all day. Even better, you can treat her to some of her favorite breakfast treats and customize the experience. Here are a few tips for planning a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Planning a Deluxe Mother’s [...]

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