The Maple Sap Run – Springtime is Coming!

Quality maple syrup is sourced from trees starting in the spring months. As the weather starts to change, maple sap starts to flow. Tapping the trees to get maple syrup during the spring months is an all-consuming task for those who want to bring grade A maple syrup to your table. Do you ever wonder what gets the maple syrup ready for you? Or how we keep the health benefits pure maple syrup can [...]

Make Your Mornings Special with a Deluxe Breakfast in Bed

One of the highlights of taking a vacation is having a deluxe breakfast in bed. With travel still being somewhat limited this year, it can feel like you won’t get the joy of a resort-like, deluxe breakfast in bed for a long time. With a little bit of pre-planning, though, you can enjoy an amazing breakfast in bed that is sure to be a hit. Even better, you can enjoy some of your favorite [...]

Irish Drinks that Pair Perfectly with Maple Syrup

St. Patrick’s Day is known for drinks packed with flavor. It can be tempting to stay to your favorite drinks or opt for a green beer. There are more drinks out there that you may want to consider. There are coffees and cocktails that can be truly improved by adding in maple syrup. Here are a few maple syrup Irish drinks you must try! Maple Syrup Irish Drinks You Must Try Maple Irish Coffee [...]

The #1 Secret Hotel Waiters Know About Breakfast

When it comes to a great breakfast, hotel waiters have some of the inside secrets. Whether the goal is a delicious breakfast or a beautiful table, the waiters often have the secrets you need most. Some of these things can even be done in the comfort of your own home to elevate breakfast. Who said these secrets have to stay a secret? We have some of the breakfast secrets from hotel waiters you definitely [...]

Scrumptious Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with it comes a desire for a little something sweet. In fact, desserts are a given on Valentine’s Day, whether you are celebrating with someone you love or treating yourself. There’s just something about a sweet treat on a day focused on love that adds a special touch. So how do you add something sweet to Valentine’s Day without using sugars you might not enjoy? We [...]

How Maple Syrup Can Help Your Reach Your Health Goals

Are you looking to change your health in the new year? For many, a new year is a new chance to make a change for the sake of their health. These changes can often exclude some of your favorite sweets. The good news is they don’t have to. We have a few suggestions for how maple syrup can improve your health. How Maple Syrup Can Improve Your Health Maple syrup has a variety of [...]

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