4 Unexpected Ways for Maple Syrup to Dress Up Your Thanksgiving

The holidays are just around the corner. It’s almost time to cook up family favorites and try out something new for the Thanksgiving table. Meal prepping for Thanksgiving can be overwhelming. In fact, many people make the same items every year out of routine instead of preference. Did you know maple syrup can be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table? Check out these 4 unexpected ways to use maple syrup this Thanksgiving. How [...]

Maple Glazes for Amazing Holiday Meats

Holidays are the perfect season for big family meals. Many of these meals typically revolve around ham or turkey as the center dish. There are other options as well that often take the feature place at any table. While there may be some good flavor choices, your holiday table may be missing out on maple! We have some tips for using maple glazes for holiday meats. Tips for Using Maple Glazes for Holiday Meats [...]

Start Your Morning Right: 7 Delicious Coffee Drinks that have Maple Syrup

Starting the morning out with coffee is a time honored tradition. Many people can’t start the day without a delicious cup of coffee. As we head into the fall months, having coffee with maple syrup can be the perfect fall flavor. Even better, maple syrup is a healthier sweetener! There are many coffee drinks out there to try. We want to share 7 maple syrup coffee drinks you can’t miss! 7 Maple Syrup Coffee [...]

Halloween Treats Made with Maple Syrup

It’s almost time for Halloween and with that all the spooky sweet treats. However, not all Halloween treats are filled with the best ingredients. This is where cooking with 100% pure organic maple syrup can sweeten your Halloween even more! By changing out some of the sugars used with maple syrup you are sure to have a delicious treat that is also better for you. Here are a few Halloween treats made with maple [...]

25 Unexpected Ways to Use Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is well known for items like pancakes and waffles, and it’s not uncommon to see someone pour some high quality maple syrup onto their French toast. It can even be used well in oatmeal and no one would be surprised. But did you know those aren’t the only ways to use maple syrup? In fact, we have 25 unexpected ways to use maple syrup to share with you. 25 Unexpected Ways to [...]

Organic Maple Syrup – Staying Healthy While Indulging

Have you been working hard to make healthier choices for your family? Maybe you’ve cut down on carbs, increased your water intake, or tried to eliminate processed foods. No matter what your approach, many agree that eliminating or limiting sweets can be a good way to help make healthier choices. Did you know there’s a way to honor your sweet tooth in a healthier way? We wanted you to know that organic maple syrup [...]

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