Making Breakfast Special – Maple Syrup at Your Table

Many will say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it’s more than that! Breakfast offers you the chance to come together as a family. No matter what you eat, or the time you invest in making it, breakfast is a good time to start your day together. For some, this may be a simple breakfast before running out the door. While others make breakfast a sit-down and enjoy-it experience. [...]

Grade A vs Grade B and the Maple Syrup Grading System

Have you been shopping for maple syrup and found yourself confused by the different colors and types? When it comes to 100% pure Vermont Grade A maple syrup there is actually a grading system in place to help you make a more educated syrup purchase. In fact, not all maple syrup is created equal. You can expect different things from different grades of syrup. Here is more information about Grade A vs Grade B [...]

The Nutritional Benefits of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is often overlooked due to its sugar content. While maple syrup can be considered a high sugar food, there are some things you should know about maple syrup. 100% pure maple syrup does have a higher sugar count, but it’s not high in white sugar, which makes a big difference. In fact, there are some real health benefits you may not be aware of with maple syrup. Here are some of the [...]