We take sustainability seriously at Sugarman, and have several 2024 initiatives in progress to reduce our environmental footprint. It is always exciting to implement and announce new initiatives to improve our company and products.

Improved Sustainability of Packaging

Sugarman is making strides towards producing a product line that is entirely recyclable. 

Brand new tamper evident bottles & caps for our popular 1.75 & 1.85 glass bottles will remove plastic seals from our current packaging. Also, our new 1.25 fl. oz. bottles will transfer to a tamper evident label that also removes plastic seals, as well as increases product visibility!

These will all be rolling out by the 3rd quarter of 2024 and we couldn’t be more excited!

A Move to Kraft Corrugate Boxes

At Sugarman, we strive to improve our efforts towards responsibly sourcing raw materials. One effort is to change all shipping boxes from white corrugate to kraft packaging; this will reinforce our position on sustainability while maintaining product safety, integrity, and quality.

Responsible Removal of Waste Syrup

Sugarman recently partnered with Vanguard Renewables to send them our waste syrup. They collect, de-package, and sustainably repurpose it into renewable energy!

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Vanguard Renewables Announces that The Sugarman of Vermont Joins The New England Chapter of the Farm Powered Strategic Alliance | Vanguard Renewables

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