Sugarman of Vermont has worked with Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm for many years, locally sourcing their quality pure maple syrup. Based in scenic Stowe, VT, Nebraska Knoll has been tapping trees since 1980.

Several “Sugarpeople” visited Nebraska Knoll in March of 2024 and interviewed Lewis Coty, founder of Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm. We got the full tour treatment, checking out their location, tree taps, and the sugarhouse. If you’ve never been to a maple sugarhouse, it’s a must-do in Vermont.

Check out the website here!

Sugarman also had the opportunity to film footage for our first ever company video at Nebraska Knoll! It was an incredible experience to learn more about the origins of maple syrup, as well as their process and practices. There’s nothing quite like being in a maple sugarhouse when they are boiling sap into syrup. The feel and smell of being in that sap boiling room is incredible. It takes approximately 40 gallons of maple sap to create just one gallon of maple syrup, an interesting process that has gone one for centuries. If you’re looking for the ideal Vermont sugarhouse experience, look no further than Nebraska Knoll!

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