Sugarman of Vermont has had a new and improved “Employee of the Month” program in place since summer 2023. It’s a great way to show appreciation for our best and brightest staffers! Our EOTM is voted on by all members of the staff anonymously.

A Sugarman first! For June 2024, we just had our first Employee of the Month voting tie; and a 3-way tie at that! Congrats to Leonard Carr, Zach Thompson, and Melvin Dunster as Co-Employees of the Month for June 2024! Each of these individuals were voted on for their hard work and positive attitude. Also, Leonard says hi to EVERYONE EVERY DAY, Zach is “cool”, and Melvin brings the laughs.

Our EOTM for May 2024 is Ryan Brothers! Ryan is a member of our super valuable member of our production team. Ryan brings a world class work ethic, tons of great ideas, and a positive attitude to our team!

We also try to have fun with this program. Our graphics team creates these caricatures as part of our EOTM plaques and gift package. Employee of the Month is voted on by all members of the staff anonymously. At the end of the calendar year, one winner is also chosen as Employee of the Year!

Employee of the Year

Sugarman of Vermont’s (first ever) 2023 Employee of the Year was Zach Achord! Zach first won EOTM in August of 2023 and carried that momentum all the way to EOTY. Zach is a member of our warehouse team, and always brings positivity to the room all the while working extremely hard. He is extremely calm, level-headed, helpful, and polite even under the pressures of the workplace. He’s an amazing and key part of our team.

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