The Sugarman

The people of Vermont have long told stories about The Sugarman, a local folk hero who treks deep into the Green Mountains in search of the world’s best maples. Old-timers claim to have caught a glimpse of the mysterious figure in the woods tapping trees, while others say they have seen his boot trail leading from their snowy doorway. Generations of Vermont children have rushed from their beds to the breakfast table to look for the bottle of 100% pure maple syrup The Sugarman has left for them.

Although all know him, few claim to have actually seen him. But they’ll tell you it’s his aroma that sticks with you. A sweet, woodsy smell that fills the room and makes you feel like you are waking up in a cabin in the woods to a homemade pancake breakfast.

Some Vermonters fondly call him Tony, while others just say “The Sugarman”. He has never failed in delivering his award-winning syrup, even during the worldwide maple syrup shortage of aught-eight.

A purveyor of the world’s purest and tastiest maple syrup, The Sugarman of Vermont seeks out the finest trees to tap and extract this liquid gold. In a state known for its harsh winter mornings, this man of the woods brings Vermonters a bit of comfort and luxury to their family meals.

You’ll find his bottles of maple syrup a prized possession in homes ranging from small wood cabins to the finest 5-star hotels across the United States, all giving The Sugarman of Vermont’s maple syrup a place of honor on their shelves, alongside prized bottles of aged whiskey and other fine fares. Experience the unrivaled, pure, and luxurious taste that only The Sugarman of Vermont delivers. Tap into the taste. Then you can decide if he is just a myth or not.

Corporate History

The Sugarman of Vermont was acquired by Tony Sedutto in 1991, and the company quickly became the go-to supplier of maple syrup with Executive Chefs in the food service and hospitality industry based on their:

  • Superior quality and unique packaging that provided solutions to bulk and portion control opportunities
  • Quality, speed, and value within a private label
  • All provided with their signature white glove customer service.

The Sugarman kept acquiring new customers annually, earning key partnerships in 1993 and 2008. The company even achieved growth during the World-wide Maple Syrup Shortage of 2008, doing so via their innovative maple syrup reserve to address supply shortfalls along with their incredible relationships with farm family partners.

In 2012, Tony’s daughter Kerry took the reins of the company as CEO, where she sits today providing the same Sugarman quality along with more items and within new channels of distribution.