When it comes to a great breakfast, hotel waiters have some of the inside secrets. Whether the goal is a delicious breakfast or a beautiful table, the waiters often have the secrets you need most. Some of these things can even be done in the comfort of your own home to elevate breakfast. Who said these secrets have to stay a secret? We have some of the breakfast secrets from hotel waiters you definitely want to read!

Breakfast Secrets from Hotel Waiters

Hotel waiters had to learn to fold napkins too!

Napkin folding can be a popular way to take breakfast to the next level. While it can seem like waiters know these things by heart, it didn’t start that way. While some may have learned from other waiters, some have taken time to learn napkin folding from sites like YouTube! Learning new napkin folds can be a great skill to add to their resumes and your breakfast table. Even better, this means you can find videos on YouTube to do different napkin folds for your home table or as a way to sneak out some extra maple syrup mini bottles from your table!

They see you sneaking certain things.

While you may feel like the world’s most sneaky person ever, many hotel waiters see you grabbing certain things from your table. In fact, they have seen many different attempts at taking things from the table. They are typically discouraged from letting you take items like silverware, cloth napkins, or buffet food items. There are items on the table that aren’t as closely monitored! In fact, items like butter, jam, and mini-bottles of maple syrup are often there for you to use or take with you.

*Hint – If you love that maple syrup, make sure to take that little bottle with you if there is any left! You won’t regret it! Or better yet, ask the brand of the syrup. It might be white-labeled from someplace else. For example, Sugarman of Vermont’s delicious syrup is served in many of the world’s finest hotels.

Making your coffee look good is a must-have skill!

Coffee is a staple of most breakfast tables. While not every restaurant has a barista on staff, many waiters will take the extra time to make your coffee look good. This might mean added special ingredients to the table to get you the desired flavor. It could also mean suggesting substituting grade a maple syrup for sugar to give your coffee an extra punch of flavor. Trying to replicate it at home? We’ve got some delicious coffee recipes for you to try.

Buffets can cause you to over-pick!

Buffets offer a huge selection of foods that all look delicious. The old adage, “eyes bigger than the stomach” definitely applies here. Many will visit the buffet with the intention of trying everything and overfill their plate. Some guests will try to hide the fact that they didn’t eat everything. Waiters however are quite aware that food can look good but end up being too much! Furthermore, they won’t be upset if you can’t even eat everything you thought you would enjoy.

*Hint – When preparing a home buffet, choose items that can be easily stored for later if you decide not to eat all of it in one sitting.

Most waiters don’t know what’s in the house juice mix.

Most hotels will have a special juice blend that is used at hotel breakfasts. At many hotels, this will come pre-made. While they can check ingredients, they may not be able to tell you what blend of each ingredient you are getting. If you really enjoy a house juice it can help to ask which juices they have combined when making it. This will give you the chance to try and master the right blend of that juice at your own house.

*Tip – Add a touch of elegance to a home breakfast by putting this juice blend in a nice glass pitcher.

Waiters will emphasize items that benefit them in some way.

While some food recommendations are authentic, some foods offer a special incentive to the waiter. It could be that an item has been sitting longer and needs to move to avoid waste. It could be that they know selling you on certain drinks or menu items will encourage you to tip more. There are still some servers who will recommend items because they’re simply delicious. However, sometimes there is a secondary motive to recommending an item.

*Tip – Ask your waiter the following, “If you were to order here, what would you want most for breakfast?” This can often prompt them to share why they enjoy a certain drink or dish.

Regional items can be a better option!

Most hotel breakfasts will have a standard menu they work from. There are some places that will add a regional favorite to the menu. These are often added by the chef because they know the area well. Waiters may or may not think to recommend these items to you. However, regional menu items may be packed with some incredible flavor. Ask your server about regional menu items to see what is offered.

*Tip – If you really enjoy a regional option, make sure to write down the name of it in case you want to attempt to make it when you get home.

There may be more options.

While you may not see it, there may be more options available to you. Sometimes there are hidden menu items you don’t want to miss out on. Ask your waiter if there is a hidden menu item that you definitely need to try. This can also apply to drinks and condiments. If you don’t see your favorite, it may be because it is not as commonly requested in that location. Don’t be afraid to ask for a special drink or specialty item.

*Tip – Don’t be afraid to ask about extra items you might need or want. If they have them, they are likely to try to take care of you. That said, make sure you are also tipping your server more generously if they go above and beyond for you.