The Story of Pure Maple Syrup

There is something truly magical and unique about maple syrup.

At Sugarman of Vermont, we bring the very best maple syrup from right here in our backyard to the finest restaurants, hotels, and institutions all over the country.

Our maple syrup goes on a tree to table journey starting in our northern forests, where the world’s finest syrup is born. Vermont generates over 50 percent of the country’s maple syrup, more than all  other states combined.

Maple sap is taken straight from the trees as they wake up for spring. Then comes the careful art of turning sap into syrup.

Straight from the sugarhouse, the syrup is then brought to our facility in Hardwick, Vermont, the heart of maple country. The syrup is then bottled and readied for shipping.

At Sugarman, we source our maple from a variety of Vermont and Canadian producers, some of which we have worked with for over 10 years.

Our Suppliers

Nebraska Knoll Sugarhouse – Stowe, VT

Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm is family owned and operated by the Coty family; they have sugared since 1980. They are situated in the heart of the Green Mountains, near Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak. Check out their website for more details about this family-run business!

Sugarman of Vermont has worked with Nebraska Knoll for many years. We visited Nebraska Knoll in March of 2023 and interviewed Lewis Coty, founder of Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm, here are some testimonials of his history with the Sugarman: