Are you looking to change your health in the new year? For many, a new year is a new chance to make a change for the sake of their health. These changes can often exclude some of your favorite sweets. The good news is they don’t have to. We have a few suggestions for how maple syrup can improve your health.

How Maple Syrup Can Improve Your Health

Maple syrup has a variety of health benefits and we want to share how maple syrup can help to change your life for the better while letting you enjoy something sweet. Maple syrup is packed with a variety of nutrients without some of the lesser ingredients found in other sweeteners. Whether you use maple syrup in a recipe, as a sugar substitute, or as a glaze, it’s sure to be the perfect companion for your health goals. Here are a few ways maple syrup can help you reach your health goals and improve your health this year.

Maple Syrup is a Fantastic Sugar Substitute

When making better choices for your health, it can be common to completely remove sugar. Removing sugar can be good but sometimes you want something sweet. The good news is with maple syrup you can enjoy your sweet tooth without some of the negative health impacts of other sugars. Maple syrup is a natural alternative that packs the sweetness while bringing the nutrients along as well. Here are a few tips for using maple syrup as a sugar substitute.

Tips for using Maple Syrup as a Sugar Substitute

  • Use a 1 cup to ¾ cup ratio – When baking you will use a 1 cup to ¾ cup ratio of maple syrup to other sugars. You will want to decrease liquids by three tablespoons in other areas of the recipe. It is also important to keep in mind that the color will be darker because of the maple syrup. This might mean you need to use a lower cook temperature or a shorter cook time.
  • Use maple syrup in places of more sugary syrups – Many of the syrups sold in the store are not pure maple syrup. Because of this, they are made with processed sugars that can have less beneficial implications. Using pure maple syrup will let you enjoy the sweetness of maple syrup without the negative implications of more sugary syrup options.
  • Use maple syrup when cooking trail mix or snacks – Are you trying to cook trail mixes or snacks that have a touch of sweetness? Lighting coat trail mix or snacks in maple syrup and cook until you get a nice sweet glaze. This small touch of sweetness can be just the flavor you need.

Maple Syrup Can Help with Heart Health

When planning out your health goals for the new year, it may not have anything to do with weight. For some it’s about cholesterol and others focus on their blood pressure. When working on heart health it can be important to modify the types of foods you eat. One area many people have to make changes is with processed sugars and snacks. Here are a few ways maple syrup can help with heart health.

Ways Maple Syrup can help with Heart Health

  • Maple syrup glazes are a healthy glaze alternative – When you are planning to add some flavor to items such as chicken or salmon it can be hard to find options that are healthier. Maple syrup glaze brings out strong flavors without using processed foods that are bad for heart health.
  • Maple syrup is a great alternative to other dips – When making heart-healthy choices it can be hard to give up your favorite dips. This can be in part due to different cuts of meat or a larger prevalence of some vegetables. Maple syrup makes a fantastic dip that can work for a variety of meats and some of your saltier vegetables.
  • Maple syrup is the perfect drink sweetener – If you are working to make new choices for the sake of your heart health that might include drinking fewer sweeteners in coffee or even switching to tea. Maple syrup is a natural alternative to some of the packaged sweeteners that are often used when making health choices. Add a 1:1 ratio of maple syrup in place of your normal sweetener for a sweetener you can feel good about.

Move to a more natural diet

When moving into a new year, many will switch to a more natural diet in an attempt to focus on their health. This might mean eating more whole foods or removing processed foods. When making this change it can get frustrating to find options to replace the items you used to love. Don’t let this adjustment stress you out. Here are a few ways that maple syrup works perfectly with a more natural diet.

Ways maple syrup works with a natural diet:

  • Maple syrup is made without adding ingredients – Because of the way that pure maple syrup is made you will not find additives and items you might find in other varieties. This means you can enjoy maple syrup without worrying about it working against a more natural diet.
  • Maple syrup pairs well with whole foods and natural items – Some whole foods need an extra touch of flavor without any guilt. Maple syrup’s flavor profile doesn’t just work with sweets or baked goods. There are a variety of foods you can use maple syrup in. You can use maple syrup in items such as sweet potatoes, salmon, and squash. Adding maple syrup to these natural savory dishes will give you a touch of flavor without any stress.
  • Maple syrup is filled with quality nutrients – One tablespoon of maple syrup contains about thirty-three percent of your daily value of manganese. You can also find minerals such as zinc and copper. Maple syrup also contains multiple antioxidants that are beneficial to your overall health. Add to it the fact that it’s lower on the glycemic index and it’s a natural match for a more natural diet.